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Another Successful Spiral Installation

Published 25/01/2019

WD Systems have recently completed another successful spiral installation for a EggSolutions Canada’s largest egg processor.

Successful Spiral Installation
The 5.8 metre tall (19 foot), nine-tier spiral de-elevator has been provided to provide a compact de-elevation solution for the factory and will carry frozen egg products at up to 1500 per minute, from the outfeed of a new spiral freezer down to working height for further processing and packing.

Running at 27 metres/minute (90 ft/min) the plastic edge drive belt provides a simple, compact and hygienic solution for factories wanting to maintain product orientation for further processing.

Fitted with the all plastic belt option the edge drive spiral can be configured and built to fit into difficult spaces where a standard spiral with a central drive drum would not fit.

Edge drive technology provides a cost effective, flexible solution which eliminates the problems associated with drum spirals relating to hygiene and maintenance. The WD Systems spiral is suitable for a wide range of food products with a choice of four bel styles available, from the light duty all plastic belt belts to all stainless heavy-duty belts with a choice of overlays.

“We were very pleased with the way the installation went with work carried out by two engineers over a very short installation window.” Said David Dearing, MD WD Systems.

For more information please contact WD Systems via email info@wdsystems.co.uk or call David on +44 (0)1342 811766 or +44 (0)7860 314973.