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Belt Washing Systems

The problem of cleaning conveyor belts in situ is a major headache for hygiene managers. Until now, the only effective solutions were to fit an individual wash system to each belt or to clean the belt by hand. Both of these options are expensive and time consuming.

Belt washing system

WD Systems has developed a new and better solution to this problem. The pressure of continuous production makes it almost impossible to maintain equipment in a clean and hygienic condition however the Washing System means that cleaning can be carried out continuously.

The Self Contained Washing Systems have many innovative features, including:
Belt washing system cleaning large spiral conveyor

  • One mobile washing system can clean any number of belts
  • The system can be used on any belt regardless of its width or location
  • The system can use hot or cold water
  • Can be automatically controlled for pre-set cycle times
  • Virtually all types of industrial detergents can be used
  • The systems are manufactured from stainless steel