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Edge Drive Demonstration Spiral

Published 31/03/2017

WD Systems are pleased to announce that their long awaited demonstration spiral is now up and running and receiving visitors.

Edge Drive Demonstraion Spiral
The 5-tier unit is designed to show the principle of operation of the new edge-drive spiral belt system that has been developed between WD Systems and the belt manufacturer. The unit is fitted with a 660 wide belt in both stainless mesh overlay and plastic overlay to demonstrate two of the three belt formats available. The third belt option is stainless rods only.

The unique drive arrangement for this new belting eliminates many of the operational issues arising from traditional spiral belts which are run under tension. By driving the belt from the edge all the drive mechanisms are easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning and with no central drive cage, edge driven spiral systems can be built to fit the factory space available and are not limited to a circular footprint.

With a belt turn ratio as low a 1.6 times belt width, the Spir-O-Trak system is compact enough to fit in even the tightest of factory environments.

The demonstration unit is available for viewing at WD Systems Sussex workshops until Easter when it will be moved to a permanent demonstration area in Holland.

To arrange a demonstration visit please contact WD Systems via email info@wdsystems.co.uk or call David on 01342 811766 or 07860 314973.