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Handling Systems

WD systems offers a design and build service for customer specified spiral and track conveyor systems. WD systems can also supply a range of standard unit machines and ancillary equipment that can be used in conjunction with its spiral & track systems.

Spiral Conveying Systems
Eliminates use of cooling racks.
Reduces labour costs.
Frees up valuable floor space.
Reduces product damage by minimising product handling.

Spri-O-Trak Modular Spirals
Frees up floor space & can even be roof mounted.
Can be configured to suit any available space.
Unique same level entry & exit levels if required.
Reduces product damage by minimising product handling and can be an endless system with no transfer points.
Spiral Elevators & De-elevators
Compact & versatile - wide variety of belt types & widths available.
Low maintenance. Can be manufactured in aluminium or stainless steel.
Designed to comply with food industry hygiene standards.
Driven Transfer Systems
Stainless steel construction with High impact acetal belt.
Can be custom made to any length or width.
Can be fitted with independent drive assembly.
Line Dividers & Diverter Switches
Route the correct numbers of products in a predetermined sequence.
Spread product flows to a freezer, cooling tunnel or oven.
Sort products by weight, size, height, length, width, shape or colour.
Contraflow & Accumulating Tables
Contraflow & accumulating tables provide an ideal solution for feeding products to wrapping & bagging machines. The tables act as a continuous holding area for products coming from production lines.
Belt Washing Systems
The system can be used on any belt regardless of its width or location.
One mobile washing system can clean any number of belts.
The systems are manufactured from stainless steel.
Virtually all types of industrial detergents can be used.
The system can use hot or cold water, and can be automatically controlled for pre-set cycle times.