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Line Dividers & Diverter Switches

Diverter switch

Frequently there is a need to either accumulate products from multiple feed lines or alternatively to split products from a single feed to multiple lines. This can be done manually but this is a costly option and the products can be damaged during handling.

Line divider

WD systems has developed a range of diverters to automatically re-route products. Depending on product flows, the diverters can run at speeds of more than 100 metres/minute. Correct handling from the diverter switches is essential.

In order to prevent products from backing up onto the diverter, WD Systems technology, incorporates a sophisticated jam detector warning system, to:
  • automatically divert products away from a blocked line until it is cleared
  • Route the correct numbers of products in a predetermined sequence to an automatic case packer or wrappers, slicers, baggers or turntables
  • Spread product flows to a freezer, cooling tunnel or oven
  • Sort products by weight, size, height, length, width, shape or colour

Main features

Jam free magnetic switching
  • Jam detectors & automatic diversion
  • Higher line rates (up to 850 packages per minute)
  • No “gap” sliders
Flexible design
  • Adjustable centre lines
  • Multiple lane patterns
  • Adaptable for future line changes
Rugged reliable construction
  • Heavy duty 15mm rods
  • General industrial or washdown capability
  • Speeds from 15 to 100 metres per minute
Transfer options
  • Timing or spacing belts
  • Heavy duty 28mm diameter powered rollers
  • 1 or 2 stage accelerating or decelerating conveyor sections