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Low Cost Modular Spirals

Published 06/01/2017

Small and medium sized bakeries looking for a flexible cost effective alternative to batch cooling are the target market for a new low cost modular spiral conveying solution available from WD Systems.

Low Cost Modular Spirals
WD Systems have been building traditional spiral conveyors and coolers for over twenty years and have developed their new line to eliminate many of the issues associated with spiral conveyors, such as cleaning and maintenance.

At the heart of the “Spir-O-Trak” system is WD Systems’ patented new edge drive spiral belting which eliminates the need for a central drive cage and enables multi-tier conveyors to be built to fit within existing building constraints. The modular nature of the system enables for bespoke solutions at the fraction of the cost of a “designed to order” solution and with lease hire options available the opportunity to streamline production processes is open to all.

More information can be found about the innovative new belting at www.wdsystems.co.uk of by calling David on 01342 811766 or 07860 314973