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Retro-Fit Restores Spiral to Former Glory

Published 08/11/2016

WD Systems have recently completed a refurbishment and retro-fit of their new spiro-edge belting to a twenty-year-old spiral conveyor for Country Style Foods in Bridlington.

Retro-Fit Restores Spiral to Former Glory
The site was formerly home to Sara Lee the multi-national cake and deserts manufacturer until its closure in 2006. Country Style Foods acquired the site in 2008 but until recently the site has remained moth-balled. As part of a factory wide re-development the spiral has been given a new lease of life with the complete fit-out of WD Systems patented new edge-drive belting.

“Country Style are very pleased with the work that we carried out to bring their old spiral back into production. After 10-years lying dormant we were pleased to say that the conveyor ran perfectly as soon as the switch was thrown to turn it on” Said David Dearing, MD for WD Systems Ltd.

More information can be found about the innovative new belting at www.wdsystems.co.uk of by calling David on 01342 811766 or 07860 314973