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Spiral Conveying Systems

Spiral conveying system

Spiral conveying systems are ideal for proving, ambient or forced air cooling, chilling and refrigeration. Their use extends to virtually any type of food products and they can be used in any continuous production line for products passing through processes where there is a need for a specific dwell time.

Spiral conveyor
Spiral conveyors offer a number of distinct advantages:
  • Eliminates use of cooling racks
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Frees up valuable floor space
  • Reduces product damage by minimising product handling
Small spiral conveyor

WD Systems Spiral Conveyors are designed to meet each individual customer’s requirements ranging from product size & volume; process dwell time and, most importantly, available space. The systems can be installed in provers where humidity & temperature controls are required and in chillers or refrigerators for bringing product temperatures down to required levels.

Spiral conveyor system

Spiral conveyors comprise a powered cage that imparts a continuous drive to minimise belt tension. The belt and its supports are arranged in either a descending or ascending spiral around the cage. The conveyor belts range up to 44” wide and can be either stainless steel or different types of plastic or acetal belts. The number of tiers on the spiral is limited only by the available height.