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Spiral Elevators & De-elevators

Where space is at a premium or where there are operational necessities, spiral elevators and de-elevators can be incorporated into any production line.

Spiral de-elevator

WD Systems provides a bespoke design and manufacturing service to provide you with exactly what is required to suit your needs. We have a large CAD library of designs for elevators and de-elevators of virtually every shape, size and purpose.

Our elevators & de-elevators are made to meet your exact requirements. The units incorporate special developed conveyors belts that have a very low friction surface to suit almost any configuration. The performance can be further enhanced by the incorporation of rubber inserts to increase the rates of climb or descent. Another very useful feature is that more than one type of belt can be accommodated to provide multiple lanes for different products, and all in the same unit.

Main features of our elevators & de-elevators include:
  • Compact & versatile
  • A wide variety of belt types and width
  • Speeds of up to 120 m/minute
  • Can be manufactured in aluminium or stainless steel
  • Designed to comply with food industry hygiene standards
  • Low maintenance
  • Competitively priced