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The Spiral Revolution

Published 15/03/2016

WD Systems Ltd has developed a new form of spiral conveyor, specially for the bakery industry. The new system represents “the future for the spiral cooler and the past to spiral problems.”

The Spiral Revolution - Spiro Edge System
WD Systems have been building traditional spiral systems for over twenty years and have used their experience to revolutionise the design and eliminate the problems traditionally associated with spiral systems such as access for cleaning and maintenance.

The new design is achieved by a unique edge drive arrangement which removes the need for a central drive cage ensuring the belt remains positively engaged with the drive at all times eliminating belt slippage and reducing the running costs.

The removal of the central drive cage also enables the spiral to be configured in a range of non-circular patterns enabling installation in otherwise impossible factory positions.

“We are very excited about the system and have already been in talks with a number of bakeries who are interested in installing our new Spiro-Edge System” said David Dearing, MD of WD Systems Ltd.

For more information please contact WD Systems via email info@wdsystems.co.uk or call David on 01342 811766 or 07860 314973.