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Spiro-Edge Systems

“The future for the spiral cooler, the past to your spiral problems”

Spiral conveying system

The spiro-edge system is a revolutionary new concept for bakery spiral conveyors. The new Spiro Edge System was created to work with all existing production lines in your plant

At the heart of the SES is unique positive drive arrangement which puts the drive train on the outer edge of the belt, removing the need for a central drive cage.

Spiral conveyor

Removing the constraint of the central cage enables the Spiro-edge system to be configured in many different formats enabling a unit to be tailored to suit the factory space available. Available in a modular format the Spiro-Edge system can be configured for low or high level infeed or outfeed and even with infeed and outfeed both at the same level. A “P-loop” return-belt arrangement allows double spiral configuration in the footprint of a single, making for a compact, space efficient unit.

Small spiral conveyor

With the removal of the drive cage comes increased accessibility for hygiene and maintenance and many traditional bug-trap areas of standard spiral arrangements have simply been designed out of the Spiro-edge system. The edge driven arrangement also reduces belt tension eliminating the risk of the belt flipping.

Spiral conveyor system

Energy consumption of the Spiro-edge system is typically 50% reduced compared to traditional spiral conveyors. The only part needing to move is the belt, and with positive drive on the edge of all tiers, a single drive motor is all that is required to power a multi-tier spiral.

The Spiro-edge system is available in three belt formats:

Rod Only

  • 100% stainless steel belt
  • Suitable for light duty
  • Ideal for bread and other baked goods
  • For use with trayed products
  • Compact footprint (1.35 x belt width)


  • Stainless steel belt with plastic infill
  • Suitable for medium duty
  • Suitable for delicate or sticky products
  • Available with guard-edges.
  • Flame retardant plastic


  • 100% stainless steel belt
  • Suitable for heavy duty applications
  • Suitable for complex configurations/li>
  • Perfect for wide belts up to 48” (1220mm)
  • Compact footprint (1.35 x belt width)